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Hopefully, the 'title' and 'slogan' of my site say far more about the purpose of my website than a few simple words here. My name is Jonathan Terrington and I want to teach my thoughts, as well as provide thoughts on teaching: Teaching Thoughts.

This is because I am a teacher (of English and History). I am also an ENFP, a writer, and have a firm Christian belief. Please hold none of those things against me.

My core principals and the reason for my blog are simple:

1) To discuss thoughts and opinions on topics of value (most of my thoughts will be shared on books, films and games, but I will also post about teaching and my experience of this.

2) To promote this same spirit of discussion and
discovery in others, rather than a spirit of division.

3) I hold firm to people demonstrating strong 
character, particularly integrity and taking

So please, participate, comment and discuss. 
But above all don't argue for the sake of creating